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Mahabaleshwar is a very beautiful hill station in Maharashtra. This hill town has always been the first choice of tourists due to its breathtaking views. Tourists visiting here experience peace and relaxation amidst mountain valleys and gushing waterfalls. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station, located in the Western Ghats in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar is known for its picturesque beauty, rivers, gushing waterfalls, majestic peaks and beautiful strawberry farms. The city comprises of ancient temples, boarding schools, lush green dense forests, waterfalls, hills, valleys. Mahabaleshwar was known as Malcolm Peth and was under the safe custody of the British authorities before it developed into one of the most visited hill stations in the country today. Mahabaleshwar means God of great power. There is a lot to do here for children and adults. From lakes to forts, temples and there are some main points where every tourist must visit. So let us take you today on a beautiful journey to Mahabaleshwar. Here we will give you information about the places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, which will be of great use to you during your trip to Mahabaleshwar. So let's visit the hill station of Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar places to visit

There are many beautiful tourist places around Mahabaleshwar tourist place, which tourists like to visit very much. If you are on a trip to Mahabaleshwar, then you must also visit its major sightseeing places, whose information we are going to give you below.

Elephants Head Point, Mahabaleshwar

Elephant Head Point is the best place to visit if you want to spend some relaxing time in Mahabaleshwar Hill Station. Rock formations exist at the site that form the trunk of an elephant. It is one of the most visited and famous attractions of Mahabaleshwar. Elephant Point got its name during the British Raj and the Governor of Bombay at that time was Sir Mount Elstinton. It is believed to have been established in 1930 by Dr. Murray, who also owns an old haveli. Today only the ruins of this hotel exist, in place of which a picnic shed for tourists is being constructed by the local authorities.

Chinaman Waterfall, Mahabaleshwar

The place is named after the Chinese jail located in the vicinity of Mahabaleshwar Hills Station. This place is very nice to visit during the holidays.It is an ideal holiday destination for an enchanting experience. A trip to Mahabaleshwar is more or less incomplete without witnessing the breathtaking descent of Chinaman Falls, one of the most important waterfalls in the state.

Arthur Seat Point, Mahabaleshwar

Arthur's Seat or Suicide Point is also known as the queen of all points. Here the most spectacular and attractive view of the dense valleys of Brahma-Aryana and Savitri river is seen. If you go up from here, you can also see a window point and Tiger Spring. Also take a guide with you as the trek trail gets quite confusing at times.

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar

Venna Lake is a beautiful and scenic lake in Mahabaleshwar. One of the most famous tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar, this lake is covered with tall trees and grass. Venna Lake is a man-made lake and it is not natural. Venna Lake was built in 1942 by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, the ruler of Satara and a descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Appasaheb was a leader in the 19th century. The lake is spread over an area of ​​28 acres in 7 to 8 km.
It was initially built with the aim of meeting the water needs of the city of Mahabaleshwar. Boat ride is also available for the tourists in the lake. Tourists can also opt for horse ride to see the nearby places.

Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Temple, located at a distance of 6 km from Mahabaleshwar town, is an ancient temple and a perfect example of Maratha heritage. Every year lakhs of devotees come to visit this temple, famous as Mahabali. The temple is extremely popular among Hindus, as Lord Shiva is the main deity here. Set amidst hilly terrain, this picturesque temple glorifies the Maratha Empire and its rule during the 16th century. It was built in the 16th century by the Chanda Rao Mor dynasty. The main attraction of this temple is the 6 feet tall Shiva Linga, which depicts the stone incarnation of Lord Shiva. The Mahabaleshwar Temple has a very serene and spiritual atmosphere. Devotees visit the temple throughout the year to witness the calm and serene aura of Lord Shiva. There are two more temples near this site, namely Atibaleshwar Temple and Panchganga Temple.

Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar

This place surrounded by five hills near Mahabaleshwar has been named Panchgani. Panchgani is a popular hill station near Mahabaleshwar, famous for its various sunset points and scenic valley views. During the British period, this place was known as a summer resort and hence many colonial era establishments can be found here.

Tapola, Mahabaleshwar

Nestled in the quaint valleys of Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a satellite village offering scenic views. Known as 'Mini Kashmir', Tapola has several unexplored forts in the dense forest around Vasota and Jaigarh Lakes. The views from these forts and the forest are spectacular and you can get a bird's eye view of the entire region. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the place, you can also indulge in a number of adventure sports in the region. Jungle trek, especially the trek to Vasota Fort is a thrilling activity and is fast gaining popularity among tourists. Take a trip to Tapola to rediscover the beauty of nature.

Elphinstone Point, Mahabaleshwar

This point is one of the main points of interest in Mahabaleshwar. From here you can get panoramic views of Mahabaleshwar.

Pratapgad Fort, Mahabaleshwar

Pratapgarh Fort is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Located close to the famous hill station of Mahabaleshwar in Satara district, this citadel rises to a height of about 3500 feet from the ground. This fort tells the history of Mahabaleshwar. There are four lakes within the fort, many of which flow during the monsoon. There is a Bhavani temple on the top of the fort, and a cultural library which reflects the heritage of the fort. On the way to Pratapgarh from the base village, there is a handicrafts center which attracts a lot of tourists.

Lodwick Point, Mahabaleshwar

Lodwick Point is located at a distance of 5 km to the west of Mahabaleshwar, which looks like an elephant's head. This point provides an unmatched view of Pratapgarh Fort and Elphinstone Point. A huge statue of Lord Lodvik is situated at the point. There are also some local guides who guide the tourists and provide information about the area. Lodwick Point was earlier known as 'Sydney Point'. It was built as a mark of respect to General Ludwick, the first officer of the British Army to climb the mountain and reach the point. To honor his brave soul, a pillar was erected here by his son. The height of this pillar is twenty five feet.

Babington Point, Mahabaleshwar

Babington Point is famous for its spectacular view. The point is 1200 meters above sea level and is a favorite tourist destination among trekkers and nature lovers. Koyna and Soli valleys can also be seen from this point.

Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar

Mapro Gardens is a garden park established and maintained by Mapro, a food processing company. Mapro Garden is known for producing delicious strawberries, the park has greenery all around, a small nursery, a restaurant, a chocolate factory and a nice play area for children. Most tourists come here during the annual Strawberry Festival in the garden. This festival encourages the cultivation of fruits in the region.

Krishnabai Temple, Mahabaleshwar

Perched on top of a hill, the Krishnabai Temple overlooks the Krishna Valley. It was built in the late 19th century by the then ruler of Ratnagiri. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Krishnabai, but there is also a Shivling in the premises. The temple has a stone spout made in the shape of a cow's face as a source of water which is collected in a large tank. It is also considered to be the source of Krishna river.

Bombay Point, Mahabaleshwar

If you go to Bombay Point, then from here you will get a beautiful view of the sunset. When it comes, you will feel as if the redness of the sun has scattered in the sky.

Strawberry Festival, Mahabaleshwar

Mapro Strawberry Festival is a three-day annual event which is one of the most awaited festivals of Mahabaleshwar. It aims to spread sweetness, happiness and love all over the world. It started about four years ago when there was a surplus production of strawberries. Mapro, a strawberry farm conceptualized it to promote their produce and encourage people to consume the fruit with different and innovative variations of the fruit. It has increased Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani tourism manifold. Over the years, the festival has attracted thousands of enthusiasts. The festival provides a good employment to the farmers of the surrounding villages and more than 250 of them come to participate in the festival. Strawberries are available in abundance from December to February and the harvest is celebrated through this festival to Easter weekend. It is held at Mapro Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Gurghar, Mahabaleshwar.

Koyna Ghati, Mahabaleshwar

The beautiful clear lake and dense mystical forests make Koyna Valley a perfect weekend destination. It is one of the most popular destinations in Maharashtra. Here is India's largest hydroelectric dam. For tourists who love adventure, this place is a great option.

Morarji Castle, Mahabaleshwar

Another picturesque sight in the city is the Morarji Mahal which is built in the colonial British style of architecture. You can see some of the foreign colonial structures around the place.

Connaught Peak, Mahabaleshwar

The Connaught Peak, the second highest peak in the hills, is situated on the old Mahabaleshwar road, offering views of the Venna Lake and the Krishna Valley. The peak was named Connaught after the Duke of Connaught.

Lingmala Waterfall, Mahabaleshwar

Lingmala Falls is an awe-inspiring waterfall, located on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune road. Lingmala Falls offers a view of the beautiful Dhobi Falls as well as the Chinaman Falls. The water level is about 500 feet from the rock and it looks ideal during the rainy season. Small drops of water falling from Lingmala Falls appear as streaks of silver and give an iridescent effect when sunlight falls on it. This water from the falls further goes into the valley of Venna. The water falls down from a height of 600 feet. The most pristine form of natural beauty can be seen here as the waterfalls are surrounded by lush green surroundings.

Local Food of Mahabaleshwar

Strawberries, Mulberries, Carrots, Maize, Cherry size tomatoes are the natural treasure of Mahabaleshwar cuisine. Delicious treats made from strawberries such as toffee, syrup, fudge, ice cream, whipped cream, jelly as well as corn patties made from corn are a specialty of the city. Here you can enjoy all these fresh things, not only this, if you want, you can buy these things and take them home. The most popular item is Vada Pav which is a famous street food from all over Maharashtra. Chikki is a popular sweet here.

Best Time To Visit Mahabaleshwar

The weather of Mahabaleshwar is pleasant and extremely pleasant throughout the year, so you can visit Mahabaleshwar anytime of the year. Since it is situated at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level, the weather at this altitude is pleasant throughout the year with intermittent rainfall. So, if you are planning a trip, then October-June are suitable months to visit Mahabaleshwar.

Travel Tips For Mahabaleshwar

Whenever you are in a hilly area, you have to come back before it gets dark.
You must keep clothes and an umbrella, raincoat with you.
Carry a pair of flat slippers or shoes for walking, which will make travelling very easy for you.
Never be friendly with wild animals, never offer them food or anything. Also, try not to touch them or startle them.
Avoid trekking or hiking on the trails of Mahabaleshwar. Try to travel here in a group.
Mahabaleshwar is a small place and the people are helpful. Try to take all necessary directions from the hotel desk.

Local Transport in Mahabaleshwar

You can book government run tour buses, or hire a local taxi which are very cheap. If you fancy a bit of adventure, horse rides are also available for sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar.

How To Reach Mahabaleshwar?

Mahabaleshwar can be reached from three places Satara, Pune and Mumbai. Satara is the central location. Mahabaleshwar is well connected by the Mumbai-Pune highway and hence one can take a flight to Mumbai or Pune and reach Mahabaleshwar via road. There is also a train from Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai to reach Satara and then one can take a private vehicle or tourist vehicle to reach Maharashtra.

How To Reach Mahabaleshwar By Flight?

The nearest airport to Mahabaleshwar is located at Pune at a distance of about 120 kms. This airport is very well connected to many other major domestic and international airports in India. A taxi service is also available at the airport from where one can reach Mahabaleshwar. Satara is the central location. Mahabaleshwar is well connected by the Mumbai-Pune highway and hence one can take a flight to Mumbai or Pune and reach Mahabaleshwar via road. There is also a train from Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai to reach Satara and then one can take a private vehicle or tourist vehicle to reach Maharashtra.

How To Reach Mahabaleshwar By Train?

The nearest railway station to Mahabaleshwar is located at Wathar which is at a distance of sixty kilometres from Mahabaleshwar. This railway station then connects to other railway stations. Alternatively, one can reach Satara by train from Mumbai/Pune and hire a taxi to Mahabaleshwar, which takes about an hour.

How To Reach Mahabaleshwar By Road?

Frequent buses connect Mahabaleshwar to other major cities via roadways. Tourists can take tourist buses from Mumbai, which ply from Sion, Vashi and Dadar (East). It takes around 6 hours to reach Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai. If travelling from Pune, tourist buses are currently operated mainly by two private companies. Alternatively, if travelling by a private vehicle, it takes around 4 to 5 hours from Mumbai via Panvel-Mahad-Poladpur. This is the preferred option to drive from Mumbai.

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